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Hamilton Police Service Stealth Car

The Stealth car is a 2006 Dodge Charger and has a high output 3.5L, V-6 engine producing 250 HP. This vehicle is equipped with LED lights all the way around. The Stealth car utilizes subdued markings and incorporates all enforcement equipment in the interior of the vehicle. This allows the unit to blend in with traffic and apprehend violators who are unaware of law enforcement presence.

Once the emergency lights or the siren are turned on the in car video/audio activates and captures the sequence of events day or night.

The car is equipped with the best radar unit available which encompasses a front and a rear antenna, allowing the officer to record cars approaching from the front as well as the rear, simultaneously.

The interior is equipped with a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) allowing the officer to check the status of any licence plate, driver, and passengers. Once a drivers licence is turned over to the officer he returns to his vehicle and swipes it through the “Drivers Licence Card Reader”. This captures all the information on the front of the drivers licence and enters it into the MDT for a status check. If a going to Provincial Offence Notice (PON) is to be issued, the officer can open another program in the MDT, enter all the information for the charge, then feed a blank PON into the printer, press print and the computer completes all the necessary fields.